Simplest Content Strategy Ever

Honestly, when it comes to content, people are most interested either when:

  • You’re focused on them: like when a coach is describing the struggles I’m experiencing in marketing my offers or sticking to an exercise routine I’m automatically paying attention to see where this post or podcast is going. What nuggets can I gleam from this piece of content or what revelations I can have about my personality. How I’m already in the best place to benefit from hiring the person. That the transformation I seek is possible for a person like me.
  • You’re focused on yourself: like when the person I follow shares something personal about themselves that isn’t common knowledge. You kind of experience this about celebrities. You want to know who they are beyond the makeup, fancy locations and sets and choreographed sequences etc. The same holds true for you too. They also want to know what you do with your clients. How you approach your clients’ problems and help solve their problems. How your clients face hurdles on their journey to get the transformation and you are there to help them because you want them to succeed.

Let me elaborate on each of these types of content so you know what to write about.

Them focused content:

– How Tos and educational

This is the content where you teach and educate. Most of us find this kind of content easier to come by. This is the easiest way to provide value. However, the teachable content can be used to create mindset shifts that help your potential clients actually get clear on the fact that they need help. And that you are the person who can help them best.

Make the training content as long as needed and filled with details. Don’t fear that you’re going to give away too much. Trust me when I say, that fear keeps you from sharing the content that’ll actually convert someone from just liking you to wanting to work with you.

– Why pay attention to this content (post/podcast/channel)

their pain points: describe to them their struggles and concerns to show how you see them and empathize with them. What they’re experiencing isn’t isolated etc. You can share about your personal experiences or client experiences that are similar.

their options to address and solve these pain points: share that they don’t necessarily have to keep experiencing this indefinitely. There are ways to overcome this. Share some tips and hacks that you or your clients have used for quick relief.

the best/fastest solution: this is the content where you share your signature approach as the solution to their problem and why this is the best thing that can happen to them. Really help them connect your offer as their solution.

that they’re not alone in this: your testimonials where clients have had the same experience and how they’re feeling since working with you is a great motivator for people to decide to work with you. Even if they don’t choose to work with you right away, you’ll have left an impression. They will do whatever it takes to create the opportunity to work with you ASAP.

benefits of getting help instead of doing it on their own: these kinds of posts share details about how clients have benefitted from the features in your offer. Talk about how your signature process was more effective than the hodge-podge ways your clients were using prior to working with you. How investing in your services saved them a lot more time, money, their sanity etc. Talk up the features here.

reasons they can start working their transformation right away: these are the posts where you describe your clients’ starting point and how your process gets them to the results they want. Describe the highlights of going through your process. 

– Your offer

the features and benefits of your offer: these are usual posts where you share the features in your signature offer and how a potential client will benefit. These are often shared in a sales post or page. Also, share about the possible results that these features can help your clients achieve.

why get curious about your offer: this is where you talk about your framework, methodology or signature process that your clients go through to get the results. You describe to them the possible results and how that is what they’re really after. Help them see themselves experiencing the results and the after effects of working with you.

why invest their time and money into it: these are the pieces of content where you help your potential clients see that the value of your signature offer is considerably greater than their investment. Don’t just talk about the financial gains but also share the emotional gains that they will experience simply because they decided to invest with you.

You focused content:

– What makes you the best person to serve them?

What makes you unique & how does that help your client?: share about your quirks, opinions and experiences so that the people who you vibe with best can find and connect with you. I understand this may feel vulnerable as an introvert. However, this is your content. So share as much as you feel comfortable with at first. You can go deeper as you feel more comfortable revealing more about yourself.

What makes you understand your clients in depth so you can help: the experiences you yourself have had and the experiences your clients have shared with you make for great storytelling posts. Use them to get your people invested in you. When they feel they’re invested in you they will effortlessly start to trust you.

What makes your process the most effective and efficient?: great opportunity to share stories of how your clients have used your process and made progress. The things they could leave behind to have a more fulfilling experience going forward. Translate your case studies and testimonials into description pieces of individual features and benefits as experienced by your clients.

What makes your tools the best fit for your clients?: Russel Brunson did this the best with Clickfunnels. He took a relatively common tool, repackaged it to be a little more easier to follow and marketed it as the best thing available. You can do the same if your skills are related to a tool. If you’re a WordPress expert or a Dubsado consultant then share why your tool is the best fit for your clients. How it has transformed lives for the better.

Why do your ideas differ from the industry?: Don’t connect with what’s making rounds in your industry? Don’t hesitate to share about it, irrespective of how ridiculous the idea may seem. I assure you that there are others who feel the same and are hesitant to speak about it. Those are your people. By sharing your views and opinions you are attracting them. Those are the people who’ll gladly pay you to help them with their problems. Even look up to you because they connect with you at a deeper, vulnerable level.

– What makes you most qualified to serve them

your life experiences that have created a positive impact: sometimes it’s our certificates that make us qualified to provide a service. And sometimes it is our lived experiences. Share what life experiences have helped you turn your life around and lead a more purposeful and fulfilling life. Let them into your life just a tiny bit so they can connect with you as a person.

your educational qualifications: talk about the courses and certifications that you’ve gained as an expert in your field. Share your qualifications and show them you are an authority in your field.

What your past clients and peers have to say about you: this is where you share the testimonials. Simple screen-shots or graphics to hear the words directly from others. These help establish credibility and clout.

What helped you create this offer for your clients: these kinds of posts talk about the why behind an offer. We’re not talking about what the offer can do for your clients but why it was important that this offer be shared with the world. This is yet another way for someone to connect with you as a person.