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Looking to have your calendar filled with discovery calls within a week? As a service-based business, you know that scheduling discovery calls is crucial to booking clients. But as a new online business, it can be a challenge to reach that stage. That’s why I’m here to help.

In just two easy steps, you can consistently book consults on your calendar every single day. First, you need to meet people and tell them about your offer. Second, you need to show them the quick wins they can get from a quick call with you.

But how do you meet people and get them interested in your offer?

Here’s an overview of the mini-course outline that I’ve specially created to simplify the process for you:

Lesson 1 – Go Where They Are
Lesson 2 – Make Your Presence Known
Lesson 3 – Give Them A Taste Of Working With You
Lesson 4 – Show Them A Quick Win From Working With You
Lesson 5 – Invite Them On The Call
BONUS: ClickUp templates to help you plan and track your tasks and activities so that you do not have any reason to not get started right away!

It all appears simple because I’ve removed the unnecessary complications and made it simple for you to implement.

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