I help introverted business women get visible & book clients consistently by developing a lead gen strategy aligned with their personality.

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The Impactful Introvert Podcast

Unveil the power of introversion with me as I guide you through the fascinating world of impactful introversion. This podcast is your journey into authentic marketing, designed especially for introverted women in services like coaching, virtual assistance, design, bookkeeping, and more.

In each episode, I share valuable insights, practical tips, and audacious strategies to help introverted trailblazers create a perception shift, master the art of marketing, and sell their services with authenticity. It’s not just about being seen; it’s about being seen for the incredible service provider and person that you are.


Hey there! Nice to meet you!!

I’m Seema, a homeschooling mom of 2 and a business coach for introverted women. As an introvert who has overcome anxiety related to showing up on social media I help my clients figure out strategies that they can use to show up, promote their services & serve their clients while being their authentic self.

It is my mission to guide introverted women become self-aware and feel excited about getting visible so that they can fulfil their mission and thrive as an introverted entrepreneur.

Here’s How I Can Guide You On Your Journey

Consistent Clients Intensive

Let’s figure out how you can help your ideal clients make the decision of working with you a no brainer!

Determine the exact lead generation strategy that you will implement to attract your ideal clients and nurture them so that they choose to work with you.

High-Touch 1-1 Coaching

Together let’s make your entrepreneurial journey the most gratifying one via my CSC framework.

I am the support that you desire in your heart but are unsure if it’s realistically possible. When we work together to implement the CSC framework in your business you will notice your business and life are more enjoyable.


Social media marketing is an extremely important part of running a successful business in 2021. Seema helped me work past my mindset problems about marketing, and really get focused on what I wanted from my business. She kept me accountable for my action or inaction and was like a great psychologist. She listened to what I was saying and often could read between the lines, helping me to figure out what the real problem was. She is worth every penny and an amazing asset for any business.

SIDE NOTE: I got my first clients! I am working with her on her Pinterest strategy and she has referred other people to me…THANK YOU!

Heather, Pinterest Manager

Your support most helped in thinking outside the box. Coming out of my shell and putting out there on social media. 

With your encouragement I’ve challenged myself to a reel every day of June. You planted the seed and although it’s taken a while, I’m really excited about doing this. I’ve even got all my content mapped out!

My biggest takeaway/win: Even though we’re afraid we must be authentic and do what’s right for us. It’s not about what everyone else is doing or what anyone else thinks but what’s right for you. And only you.

Thank you Seema!!

Rosemarie, Podcast Manager

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Business Boost Course

Snag my introvert-friendly process to market your services and sign clients now!

As a service-based business, you know you will book a client soon if you are consistent with your marketing. 

But how do you stay consistent without burnout, you wonder?