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Take A Step Closer To Your First $5k Month

You started your business because when the idea struck you and you googled “How to start a business?” the internet told you it was easy and profitable.

You learned that starting an online service-based business is especially easy because you can get started with ZERO investment!

When you read about these awe-inspiring women making a 6-figure income while lounging on beach blankets, playing with their kids in the park, or meeting girlfriends mid-day for a fun time they convinced you this is the way forward for you. 

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Only when you started trying to book clients, you realized it wasn’t all that easy. Getting noticed by people who will hire you brought up so much stress and overwhelm. Being an introvert, you have constantly been feeling drained of energy trying to keep up with your social media presence. 

You have the skill to serve clients. You’re an expert at what you do. 

What you don’t have is endless time and energy to spend on 

  • networking,
  • building websites,
  • landing pages,
  • sales funnels,
  • email lists.
  • Then go live in your Facebook group,
  • on your Facebook business page,
  • Instagram,
  • YouTube,
  • interviews on Podcasts and
  • socializing on social media while creating content that people love and engage with. 

The list is exhausting. So how are you to do this, serve clients, and have energy for your family, for whom you chose this path?

Listen, I know you think you need a better strategy. But if we’re being honest, that isn’t the truth. If all you needed was strategy, then you have access to it already. So why haven’t you been able to implement it yet?

Here’s what I think is happening. You feel confused and uncertain which is keeping you from implementing any strategy.


We’ll conquer it using my 3-pronged model during our 6 months together:


We start with clarity about what you want FROM your business and FOR your business. This helps us set realistic yet exciting goals. We establish boundaries for you and your business to help you achieve your goals. We will work on making your business fit into your life. I do not want your business to take over your life and you feel burned out at the end of 6 months.


We then implement a simple yet effective lead gen strategy based on building relationships. Sales conversations are fun when you lead with a human-to-human connection. Especially with the people who are already eager to buy from you.


When you know what steps you need to take to book clients, it becomes easier to be consistent with it. You will consistently show up for your people as an expert in your field. I know sometimes content creation can feel like a hurdle. But you will learn and implement my signature content marketing strategy that handles your social media and email marketing with ease.

Over the 6 months, you shall build the kind of momentum that you’ve only desired but not been able to achieve on your own because your mental constructs bested you or as it often happens with moms, life happened.

And we will do this within the pockets of time you set aside for your business.

transformations my clients have had...

It was great, I felt supported and heard during our sessions and the support between calls was also great and highly appreciated.
Your support was most helpful in reducing the overthinking to small actionable steps and giving me tips to communicate my value and how I help clients transform.
My biggest win from working together is to focus on one thing at a time to avoid overwhelm and ensure quality and a peace of mind. It helped me to reduce procrastination and increase productivity.
Thank you so much for your support and help Seema, I have learned a lot from you.
Zanna Laczo
Personal Trainer
Working with you was a great experience, you helped me see my business through another lense and build the confidence I needed to launch my services and position myself as THE expert. Now I have a better understanding of marketing and how to apply it to my situation. I really felt guided and supported throughout the programme.
You most helped me with my approach to marketing, being crystal clear on who I want to help and how while building the funnel accordingly. This has allowed me to develop better content and fully own my niche. I feel more at ease with my communication and the mindset of business as well.
My biggest win is definitely building my funnel and understanding how it works. We hear a lot of fancy things about funnels and you were able to guide me to build my own game plan and trust the process. I have the clarity and focus I need to be consistent and build my success one step at a time.
Assia Djahafi
Transformation Coach

How Overwhelmed to Profitable works

My coaching program is a 6-month transformational journey that is completely tailored to you and your unique business. This includes:

  • 1 x 90-minute kick-off session: We will do a deep dive into your business and get clear on the goals we’re working towards. I understand not everyone has money goals. So we will map out the number of clients you want to work with, the income you want to generate, and how you want to spend time with your family as a mom and business owner.
    Valued at $499
  • 18 x 50 minute 1-on-1 Coaching sessions: set 3 weeks on, 1 week off every month. I find that this break between calls is especially beneficial for moms because they can schedule a dedicated hour for the implementation of the strategy we map out together.
    Valued at $4500
  • Unlimited chat support between sessions: as a mom, I know you don’t always have dedicated, uninterrupted work time. Thoughts, ideas, and fears can take over you and overwhelm you. Having support when you need it is essential as a new entrepreneur and my unlimited chat support provides exactly that. You can message me any time with any concerns, thoughts, to brainstorm ideas or share wins and expect a response within 24hrs. Most of my clients find this the most valuable form of support because we stay in communication to ensure you are constantly moving forward in sessions AND outside of sessions.
    Valued at $2500
  • My eyes on your business logistics: Your unlimited support also includes my eyes on your work whenever you need it. Hosting an event and need me to review your promotional content? Re-worked your sales page and need to know its messaging is on point? Not sure how to share your pricing on your website and need an outside perspective? Wanna hash out your funnel; both tech, and logistics? This support means I can take a look and give you specific feedback for your business.
    Valued at $2500
  • BONUS #1 – Personally recommended resources that have been created and curated by me to ensure they meet your needs and fit your business. Any workbooks, courses, and other free & paid resources I create, you’ll get access to immediately.
    Valued at $499+
  • BONUS #2 – Content 2 Clients masterclass that shows you the exact strategy for creating content that converts your audience into raving fans and clients.
    Valued at $399
  • BONUS #3ClickUp (project management tool of my preference) folder template to manage your marketing effortlessly. This will not only help you stay organized but will keep the tasks you need to do/plan/prepare out of your mind and in a dedicated space so that you no longer feel overwhelmed by marketing. We, of course, tweak the template to personalize it to you.
    Valued at $99
  • BONUS #4 – Leverage Content to Get Booked Out in 90 Days course. My signature course that’ll help you create content consistently without spending all your time on content.
    Values at $997

A total value of over $10000 ($11993 to be exact 😊)

It’s decision time.

Your total investment for this is US $4200 paid in full OR US $700/month for 6 months.

Do you trust yourself enough to do it by yourself? If you even feel a twinge of doubt then I invite you to get on a free, no-obligation call with me where you can get clarity.

I do not take on everyone who applies to work with me because, for me, being a great fit is the most important aspect of working together.