Create Clients in 30 Days

Everything You Need to Create Clients Consistently

is in this e-Book

Are you feeling let down by your business currently?

Are you:

  • frustrated that your results are nothing like the ones in testimonials from biz coaches.
  • confused as to why you’re not seeing the results that others are sharing as wins.
  • overwhelmed that you have to do SO MUCH more than you can physically manage to sign a new client.
  • do you have this sinking feeling that you can’t keep up with the time and energy that your business demands.
  • disappointed that you may not reach her goals, yet again.

As a business coach I help my clients overcome this confusion, overwhelm, frustration and disappointment by helping them find their marketing lane, stay in the lane, stay motivated to keep going, help fight the mind gremlins that cause a lot of unhelpful feelings and make progress day upon day so that they master marketing & sales and start to sign clients consistently.

I’ve consolidated the most commonly used process into this book so that you can stop looking for answers all over the internet.

In this e-book I walk you through the step by step process of connecting with the people who are your ideal clients and inviting them on a consult call.

I share how to conduct your consult calls in a way that feels good to you and your potential clients. I find this information missing from most other marketer’s recommendations.

I also share how to work on your mindset, the dos an don’ts for signing clients.

And I share the easiest content strategy you can implement in your organic marketing to attract clients.

Download this e-book and implement the process I’ve shared and you’re guaranteed to sign a client within the next 30 days.

I share both the mindset and strategy you’ll need to implement this process. The only thing missing here is you 😊, taking action one step at a time!