Client Feedback

Social media marketing is an extremely important part of running a successful business in 2021. Seema helped me work past my mindset problems about marketing, and really get focused on what I wanted from my business. She kept me accountable for my action or inaction and was like a great psychologist. She listened to what I was saying and often could read between the lines, helping me to figure out what the real problem was. She is worth every penny and an amazing asset for any business.

SIDE NOTE: I got my first clients! I am working with her on her Pinterest strategy and she has referred other people to me…THANK YOU!

– Heather, Pinterest Manager

Seema Pateel has helped me overcome my mindset barriers of overthinking, overdoing and shiny object syndrome, and imposter syndrome in my business. She has helped me believe in my abilities as a coach, and be someone who can feel confident in her marketing and her offer because she knows she can offer and deliver so much.

I was very unclear with my offerings and didn’t know what to expect or how to proceed. I was trying all the strategies I knew of but didn’t really commit to any one strategy over time. So working with you has helped me to redirect all my energy and thoughts to one space and one offer.

So this has been a very big learning curve and eye opening experience for me where I’ve gotten immense clarity, business and marketing strategies and visibility techniques without spreading myself too thin. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a clear and precise marketing offer, anyone who is overwhelmed and overthinking about their business and wants to believe that it gets to be easy.

– Amena, Life Coach

Your support most helped in thinking outside the box. Coming out of my shell and putting out there on social media. 

With your encouragement I’ve challenged myself to a reel every day of June. You planted the seed and although it’s taken a while, I’m really excited about doing this. I’ve even got all my content mapped out!

My biggest takeaway/win: Even though we’re afraid we must be authentic and do what’s right for us. It’s not about what everyone else is doing or what anyone else thinks but what’s right for you. And only you.

Thank you Seema!!

– Rosemarie, Podcast Manager

Laura Rubio

The overall experience with Seema was very good. We developed a good connection during our calls. She is a genuine person who is willing to help you with your entrepreneurial journey.

She was guiding me through how to manage my time more effectively. She gave me different techniques on how to be more productive. She also gave me some strategies to engage with possible clients in facebook groups.

The biggest take away from my time with her was that I shouldn’t stress so much for the things that are not under my control at the moment and that I should focus my energy on those that I can control. In general, I really enjoyed working with her. She is very helpful and was checking on me constantly which helped to keep me accountable.

Thanks for your time and support.

– Laura, Holistic Nutritionist

It was great, I felt supported and heard during our sessions and the support between calls was also great and highly appreciated.

Your support was most helpful in reducing the overthinking to small actionable steps and giving me tips to communicate my value and how I help clients transform.
My biggest win from working together is to focus on one thing at a time to avoid overwhelm and ensure quality and a peace of mind. It helped me to reduce procrastination and increase productivity.

Thank you so much for your support and help Seema, I have learned a lot from you.

– Zanna, Personal Trainer

Working with you was a great experience, you helped me see my business through another lens and build the confidence I needed to launch my services and position myself as THE expert. Now I have a better understanding of marketing and how to apply it to my situation. I really felt guided and supported throughout the program.
You most helped me with my approach to marketing, being crystal clear on who I want to help and how while building the funnel accordingly. This has allowed me to develop better content and fully own my niche. I feel more at ease with my communication and the mindset of business as well.
My biggest win is definitely building my funnel and understanding how it works. We hear a lot of fancy things about funnels and you were able to guide me to build my own game plan and trust the process. I have the clarity and focus I need to be consistent and build my success one step at a time.

– Assia, Transformation Coach

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