Conduct Consults With Confidence

Let’s start booking clients ASAP in the most introvert-friendly way.

Master how to conduct consults with confidence so that you have clients on your calendar within the next 30 days.

You know there has to be a quicker way to book your next 5 clients. You only wish it was introvert-friendly.

Let’s fast-track booking your next 5 clients while mastering your messaging, marketing, and sales skills.

Conduct Consults With Confidence is a masterclass for introverted online service providers so they can master conducting sales calls with confidence instead of searching for that perfect solution.

At the end of the masterclass you will know:

  • Exactly how to conduct stress-free consult calls that are designed to maximize your ideal clients being a YES to you!
  • Bust the 3 myths you believe about consult calls that negatively impact how you show up for these calls.
  • Learn the 3 phases of a consult call you need to implement to get the best outcome.
  • How to create an agenda for your calls so that the next consult call you to conduct, you are confident in your ability to lead your potential client to their decision to work with you.
  • Create a positive, empowering, and result-oriented experience for your potential clients via your consults.

Date: 12th October
Time: 6am PST/9am EST

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You hear about all these successful service providers who are filling up their businesses and celebrating their $5k months and want to get there.

I think consult calls can get you there a lot faster than any 5-day challenge or consistent social media presence.

There is magic in the 1-1 connection that consults create where you can showcase your expertise right there and help your ideal clients work through their fears and hesitation. You are not limited by hectic schedules or complicated tech when you decide to speak to a person.

Want to break the cycle of fear created by no testimonials and no clients? Start booking consult calls, and get better at sales and marketing that much faster.

I know what it is like when you’re fairly new to the business, haven’t worked with a lot of clients, and have a small social media presence.
Growing a following feels like a monumental task for an introvert. I don’t disagree.

I feel the same. Social media takes time and energy. And while I want to master Instagram, I know that mastering sales and marketing is more beneficial for me. That is why I chose to get on more and more discovery calls. To get better at understanding what is the real reason why people need coaching, what stops them from getting support, how to help them see the way out of feeling like they have no choice etc.

These consults helped me get better at creating persuasive copy, hone my messaging, and handle objections.

The bigger benefit I had was that I no longer fear a No. I know that I’m going to help my potential client make the best decision that will help them make progress in their life and business.

This skill I’m certain will help you also get better at converting strangers into clients with ease.

This 60-minute masterclass is going to help you learn how to conduct consults without having to go through the struggle I went through.

I’ve conducted over 40 consult calls in as many days and most of them were a lesson rather than a client. I want to save you the time, stress, and struggle and collapse the time it takes for you to book your next 5 clients. This masterclass does exactly that!

Very soon you’re going to be inundated with ads and promo content for courses on how to book clients, how to master your messaging, how to write copy that converts etc.

If you already have a proven process to book consults and know how to conduct these calls in a way that feels like it is in service to your potential clients you will not experience shiny object syndrome or FOMO.

If at all you do splurge, you will not be spending on support out of fear.
I’ve designed this masterclass to be as valuable as $1000. Almost the cost of my paid intensive!

This masterclass is for you if:

  • You have a few people interested in your consult calls but in the end, you only hear objections to working with you.
  • You want to start booking more consult calls but don’t do so because you want to feel more confident first.
  • You are an online service provider who has a service they want to book out

This masterclass is especially not for you if:

  • You’re looking for yet another strategy that’ll instantly bring clients and cash.
  • You’re not interested in mastering the skill of marketing and sales and just want to hand it off to someone.
  • You’re a business that doesn’t conduct consult calls.

You don’t have to wait until your content starts bringing in clients. This masterclass will help you conduct consult calls that bring you, clients, within the next 30 days!

Date: 12th October
Time: 6am PST/9am EST

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