5 Things That’ll Help You Find The Right Clients Without Having To Do More

As an introvert, I know it has taken a lot of effort for you to put yourself out there. And yet you find it hard to connect with the right people and convert them into clients. Here’s how to make tweaks to your marketing so that you don’t have to keep experiencing the same things.

You’re struggling to find the right clients because you look at lead gen as the focus of your marketing. I don’t deny that it is, but… for an introvert, there needs to be a slight perspective change to actually be able to “find” the “right” clients.

Here are 5 things that’ll help you find the right clients without overwhelming you with having to do more:

  1. Connect with people with an agenda BUT don’t hyperfixate on finding clients: The focus here is to build a connection that may grow into a referral, collaborator, or client. So don’t hyperfocus on talking only to the person who fits your ideal client persona. That reduces your ability to leverage your engagement process. Especially if you’re not experienced in striking up conversations and leading them to sales yet. That will happen with time but for you, grow your network with collaborators and referrals too.
  2. Be decerning of where you spend time online: The biggest tip I’d like you to remember is to build these connections in places where most of your people hang out. It’ll look different on different platforms. But here on IG, go connect with people who are following your competitors or the secret mentor you look up to who does what you do too. There is a ready community for you to network and build connections.
  3. Repeat your message often: Your message is not “BUY MY SERVICES”. It is “This is how I serve people best. I know this because I’ve served these many people and they experienced these things.” You’re either not clear on what your message is – the thing that you want people to associate you with, what you are an authority on – or you still haven’t landed on the way that gets people to take notice. The solution to either problem is to repeat your message and see how people react/respond.
  4. Get crystal clear about your offer and who will benefit the most from it: This is related to your messaging. Being clear about what you are an authority on is important but your ultimate desire is to sign clients. So you must be able to clearly articulate what your offer is (not what your package is, both are different) and what characteristics will help someone get the best ROI from working with you.
  5. Be a connector at every opportunity you can: This is something that I find myself constantly improving on. At first, I’d meet people, and add them to my list but I didn’t ask for enough info to be able to connect them. When you connect people you’ll notice you’ll grow your network. But you’ll also improve your skills to connect with the right people sooner.

These are 5 things that you can implement right away with minimal effort that’ll help you find clients who are the best fit for your services.